Struggling to Provide Southern Hospitality: H-2B and J-1 Visa Issues and Answers for Private Clubs with Winter Seasons (Florida, Texas, the Southwest, and others)

Recorded On: 03/08/2018

Hospitality organizations in Florida, Texas, the Southwest and other winter-season locations have been increasingly turning to foreign nationals to staff for their busy times of year with J-1 and H-2B visas. In recent months, there has been much discussion by the administration about J-1 visas whether the government will end J-1 visas for the hospitality industry altogether. On the H-2B visa end, there has been a recent uptick in denials for hospitality organizations around the United States. These issues, combined with low unemployment, have left many hospitality organizations scrambling to find qualified and reliable staff.  

 Attorney Keith Pabian will present on best practices and tips for private clubs to make H-2B visa petitions a stress-free option that can turn your staffing troubles into a great staffing strategy. This webinar will also discuss visa options for clubs, with an eye toward understanding what the future will hold for these programs under the Trump administration. Pabian will also discuss generally the current developments in immigration law.

Keith Pabian

Partner, Pabian Law

Keith Pabian is the Founding Partner of Pabian Law, LLC, a national immigration law firm focusing on assisting employers through the visa and immigration process.  Keith has a unique specialization in representing seasonal businesses from coast to coast in the hospitality industry.  Keith is a proud member of the National Club Association, serving on the organization’s Education Committee.  He is heavily involved with the CMAA, HFTP and their affiliated local chapters.  In addition, Keith regularly presents in national conferences, local chapter meetings, and international webinars on immigration topics affecting the hospitality industry.   He has received numerous awards for his success in providing solutions for employer's most pressing staffing issues. He can be reached at or 617-939-9444.

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