OSHA Recordkeeping Concerns

Did you know:

  • A new law (effective 7/1/17) requires businesses with more than 250 employees to submit OSHA 300A logs electronically to OSHA?
  • If OSHA visits your club—their first request may be for copies of your OSHA 300 and 300A logs for the past five years?
  • If OSHA requests these logs, you only have four hours to produce them?
  • If your club’s 300A log has not been posted on all the various employee bulletin boards since February 1, 2017, it is recommended you post the 300A before removing it on April 30, 2017?

Learn from club safety consultant Alan Achatz about how your club can ensure compliance with OSHA recordkeeping requirements by participating in this in-depth webinar. This session will help you better understand common areas of OSHA recordkeeping confusion, including:

  • Requirements for your OSHA 300 and 300A logs.
  • Ensuring the correct person signed the logs.
  • Ensuring posted information is correct.
  • The difference between OSHA Recordables and first aid.

NCA Staff

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