Managing Your Club’s Real Estate Tax Assessment

This webinar will introduce club leaders and managers to the elements of real estate tax assessments. It will include discussion of the following topics:

  • Definition & Concept of market value
  • Approaches to value
  • Approaches to contesting your assessment
  • Jurisdictional differences
  • The appeal process
  • Highest and best use,  and its impact on club assessments
  • Cost vs. value and the not for profit club
  • Valuation methodology for clubs
  • The impact of memberships and personal property
  • Discussion of case law examples

Club leaders and managers should take away from this program an understanding of the elements and procedures involved in managing their real estate assessments to a level where they can make sound decisions on pursuing real estate tax assessment appeals.

Laurence A. Hirsh, CRE, MAI, SGA

President, Golf Property Analysts

Laurence A. Hirsh, CRE, MAI, SGA, president of Golf Property Analysts, has performed 3,000+ assignments in 45 U.S. states and beyond. He has authored many industry-related articles and manuscripts and is a frequent lecturer at seminars and conferences. 

Hirsh is also the author of the Appraisal Institute’s authoritative text on golf property valuation, entitled Golf Property Analysis and Valuation – A Modern Approach, published in 2016. Hirsh has developed a golf course and brokered more than $130 million in golf and club properties.

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