If You Aren't Talking to Your Employees About Fraud, Who Is?

Recorded On: 03/28/2013

This session offers insight into recommended roles and responsibilities of fraud prevention and detection. From the direction and expectations of the board of directors to club executives and employees, everyone has a role in preventing and eliminating fraud. This program illustrates the expectations executives should set with their employees and underscores the type of anti-fraud training that should be provided to every employee of a club. Course content includes a review of types of fraud and features case studies from clubs and other hospitality establishments. This is not a session about segregation of duties and standard internal control issues, but rather one that examines the fraud tolerance and conscience of clubs that will leave attendees thinking, “Who at my club is overtly delivering this message to the employees?”

Phil Newman




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Survey - If you aren't talking to your employees about fraud, who is?
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