Emergency Action Planning

Recorded On: 05/23/2019

Have you ever addressed your various emergency concerns?  It seems there are so many other priorities in the Club industry, there is never any time left over to develop a plan.

 Before you can consider disaster planning and the recovery processes, you have to address the basics. What does you staff do when the fire alarm sounds?  Do they react and go to their roll call area?  Do they even know where their roll call area is?

 Alan Achatz of Club Safety Solutions will share the many facets of emergency plans, including:

·      Getting organized

·      Major concerns: Weather, technological, man-made

·      Emergency equipment

·      Operational procedures: Communications, evacuation routes, equipment shut-offs

·      Medical emergencies

Grab your safety team, your key staff members and invite them to participate.  There will be ideas to enhance your plans for all types of clubs: city, golf and yacht. 

Don’t have a plan?  It’s time to start one.

For additional information, visit www.clubsafetysolutions.com.

Alan E. Achatz

Alan E. Achatz is a former club manager who operates Club Safety Solutions, a business assisting clubs and other operations with health and safety issues. Achatz, an OSHA general industry outreach trainer, provides education sessions for managers, executive staff and all line employees and conducts simulated OSHA site tours to identify regulatory shortcomings and provide compliance assistance.

Achatz has written more than 100 articles for various trade publications including Club Director, Club Management, Private Club Advisor and BoardRoom.

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