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  • Technology Innovations for Private Clubs: The Outlook for the Future

    Recorded On: 10/17/2013

    Gain insight about the future of club technology and how technological innovations will enhance the club experience for this generation of members—and the next.

    This program will provide perspectives from the industry's leading software developers and technology providers about where they see the future of club technology heading, what they are doing about it, and how the result of these innovations will be an enhanced experience for this generation of members—and the next. Designed for both management and board members, this is a unique opportunity you won't want to miss! Learn about the future direction for the club industry, and get all of your questions answered.

    Stephen Ready

    Founder and President, VCT

    Stephen Ready is the founder and president of VCT, a leading provider of member experience advisory and managed services for private social clubs and their members. He has served as VCT’s president for 12 years, working with the leading clubs in the country and helping VCT to become a leader in member communications and engagement.

    Ready regularly speaks at national and global conferences on the subject of member experience. He is a featured speaker at NCA’s National Club Conference, the annual Club Managers Association of America Conference, the IHRSA World Conference, at CMAA chapter meetings and at regional conferences held by PCMA, HFTP and PCMP. He is also a regular contributor to Club Director and Club Management magazines and serves as the publisher of ACTIVATE! Magazine, a monthly ePublication providing education, case studies, and best practices on enhancing the member experience.

    Additionally, Ready is the Founder of INSPIRED, a new organization dedicated to raising funds for nonprofits through inspiring fundraising events—online and offline. Ready also serves on the board of directors for the National Club Association Foundation, helping to support the future of the social club industry through research, education and initiatives that benefit the entire club community. A graduate of Lehigh University, Ready currently resides in Boston with his wife Maria and two sons, Noah and Lucas.

  • Food and Event Trends for the Private Club Industry

    Recorded On: 09/05/2013

    Discover events trends in food, beverage and decor; the 2013 holiday season; upsells; and, how to create the "WOW" factor for member and private events.

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    • What's trending hot for events trends in food, beverage and decor
    • All of the upcoming trends for the 2013 holiday season
    • The many incredible upsells that will make your revenues soar!
    • Creating the “WOW” factor for member and private events

    Lynne LaFond DeLuca

    Executive Director, Association of Club Catering Professionals

    Lynne LaFond DeLuca earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Cal State University Long Beach and began her hospitality career in the hotel industry and became the youngest general manager of a hotel at the time in Beverly Hills, California. DeLuca then moved into the private club industry and spent 15 years with ClubCorp, Inc., in the positions of vice president, private events and vice president, membership and sales. She has 26 years of private club experience. In 2011, Lynne founded and is the executive director of the Association of Club Catering Professionals. It is the first association dedicated to education for catering professionals in the private club industry. Her newsletter is read by 9,000 private clubs each month.
    DeLuca has written for industry publications including NCA CONNECT, CMAA's Back of the House, Boardroom Magazine, Catering Magazine and Private Club Advisor. She is a nationally recognized speaker and has trained people around the world in the art of events, catering and golf tournament sales. DeLuca has an absolute passion for what she does and for helping the people that she works with to perform at their maximum level. In 2014, Boardroom Magazine named DeLuca “One of the Most Influential Women in the Private Club Industry” and in 2016 she was honored with the “Gary Player Educator of the Year” award.

  • Clubs & Unions

    Recorded On: 08/15/2013

    Learn about the legal setting and key points about preparing in advance of union discussions, as well as the practical side of how to deal with labor campaign activity at your club.

    With an aggressive National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), private clubs need to be prepared for the possibility of union organizing activities. This webinar explained the legal setting and key points about preparing in advance of union discussions, as well as covered the practical side of how to deal with labor campaign activity at your club.

    This webinar covered:

    • How to address employee relations before union issues arrive at your doorstep
    • Legal parameters for communicating with your employees after union discussions begin
    • What clubs can do to offset union organizing activities
    • How ACA will affect club and union benefits packages

    Thomas Lenz

    Partner, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

    Thomas A. Lenz is a partner at Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, in the firm’s labor and employment law department handling all aspects of labor and employment law issues from the firm’s Cerritos and Pasadena offices. He serves on NCA’s board and ClubPAC Committee and chairs the Government Relations Committee. Lenz also is chair of the Labor and Employment Law Section for the State Bar of California. He can be reached at tlenz@aalrr.comor 562-653-3200.

  • See Your Club's Financial Statements Through the Eyes of Your Banker

    Recorded On: 07/25/2013

    Gain insight into the approach, concerns and regulatory issues with which your banker has to deal.

    Remember the good old days when you simply mailed a copy of your yearend financials to your bank and that was it? Now, with reduced membership levels resulting in bottom line losses and balance sheet deterioration, banks are more concerned. This webinar will give you insight into the approach, concerns and regulatory issues with which your banker has to deal. Learn how to communicate with your commercial lender, provide necessary information and strengthen the relationship between your club and your bank.

    This presentation will include:

    • Understanding the various loan covenants in your lending documents
    • How to request a waiver of a covenant
    • Difference between audited and reviewed financial statements
    • Key financial ratios banks focus on

    Ned McCrory

    Batchelor Frechette McCrory Michael & Co.

    Ned McCrory is a CPA and the managing partner at Batchelor Frechette McCrory Michael and Company in Providence R.I. He is also the head of the firm’s Private Club Practice Group. For more than 25 years, McCrory has been involved in the private club industry, and speaks at national and regional CMAA and HFTP (Club Controllers) conferences. He has written articles for HFTP’s magazine, The Bottom Line. 

    McCrory served on the board and executive committee of Wannamoisett Country Club as secretary and treasurer for the past six years and is the current president of the New England Chapter of HFTP.

  • Crisis Communications: Being Prepared for the Unexpected

    Recorded On: 06/27/2013

    Learn how to prepare for dealing with negative media coverage in a world of viral communications and 24/7 news coverage.

    A crisis is any unwelcome event or situation that forces your club to divert resources to manage it or risk losing a key component in its ability to survive. Almost all crises can be anticipated, which means preparing for the crisis before it even happens. This program provides guidance on how to prepare, including strategies for dealing with negative media coverage in a world of viral communications and 24/7 news coverage.

    Lisette Mondello

    Senior Consultant, Spaeth Communications

    Lisette Mondello’s background includes extensive experience in public affairs, as well as crisis and strategic communications, handling high level engagements in the public and private sectors. Prior to her work at Spaeth, she served as senior advisor and communications director to two former U.S. Senators. She also served as assistant secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and was senior advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Education.

  • The Economics of Club Renovations

    Recorded On: 05/15/2013

    Review the many facets of a renovation project, ranging from the conceptual and design planning and financial feasibility to the impact on the club's operation before, during and after implementation.

    This webinar is designed to show the many facets of a renovation project, ranging from the conceptual and design planning of the project and financial feasibility to the impact on the club's operation before, during and after implementation. A case study will be presented, along with consideration of the impact of not doing a renovation project. The difference between cost and value will be discussed along with the key questions that need to be asked about a renovation and the type of team a club should assemble for the project.

    Laurence A. Hirsh

    Golf Property Analysts

    Golf Property Analysts

  • The ROI of Strategic Human Resources

    Recorded On: 04/09/2013

    See what makes an HR department strategic when it comes to planning, staffing, compensation and benefits, training and development, performance management, communication, and compliance.

    What role does the human resources department play at your club? This session will challenge you to shift your mindset from tactical to strategic so that you can develop an HR strategy that provides immediate and long-term value to your club operations. We will consider what makes an HR department strategic when it comes to planning, staffing, compensation and benefits, training and development, performance management, communication, and compliance. As an added benefit, we will introduce you to an invaluable resource, the soon-to-be released NCA publication, HR Management: Best Practices for Private Clubs.

    Speaker: Allyn Gutauskas

    Allyn Gutauskas

    Human Resource Manager, Farmington Country Club

    Allyn Gutauskas has been the Human Resource Manager for Farmington Country Club since 1998. Gutauskas is responsible for all aspects of human resource activities for the approximately 425 employees of this private club, including: recruiting and staffing, new employee orientations, training and development, performance management, employee relations, internship programs and workplace safety. She also assists the club’s chief financial officer with compensation and benefits administration.

  • If You Aren't Talking to Your Employees About Fraud, Who Is?

    Recorded On: 03/28/2013

    Gain insight into recommended roles and responsibilities of fraud prevention and detection.

    This session offers insight into recommended roles and responsibilities of fraud prevention and detection. From the direction and expectations of the board of directors to club executives and employees, everyone has a role in preventing and eliminating fraud. This program illustrates the expectations executives should set with their employees and underscores the type of anti-fraud training that should be provided to every employee of a club. Course content includes a review of types of fraud and features case studies from clubs and other hospitality establishments. This is not a session about segregation of duties and standard internal control issues, but rather one that examines the fraud tolerance and conscience of clubs that will leave attendees thinking, “Who at my club is overtly delivering this message to the employees?”

    Phil Newman



  • The New Health Care Law and Private Clubs, Part IV

    Recorded On: 03/14/2013

    Discover insight and strategies to deal with the new regulations and statutory mandates and its impact on your club’s bottom line.

    The health care reform law will be in effect in less than 10 months and club leaders must act now to be in compliance. This webinar will provide attendees with insight and strategies to deal with the law and its impact on your club's bottom line. From new regulations to statutory mandates, club leaders will get the most up-to-date information in the fourth of NCA's Health Care Webinars.

    Brad Steele

    Vice President of Government Relations & General Counsel, NCA

    Brad Steele has served as the voice of the private club industry on Capitol Hill for more than a decade. In that time, he has worked to stop harmful legislation, roll back damaging regulations and include club concerns in litigation filed across the country. Steele began his time in government by working for the Vice President of the United States, for a member of Congress and then as a senior staffer with a national political committee. After many years in politics, Steele left D.C. to become an attorney. He studied law in England at Oxford University and he earned his degree from the University of Oklahoma.

    Upon graduation, Steele opened his own law firm in Indiana. In addition to his private practice, Brad also served as a county and city attorney and as a judge of an Indiana court. While in Indiana, Steele returned to politics as a candidate for the U.S. Congress and the Indiana State House of Representatives. His Congressional race pitted him against Mike Pence in the primary where they became friends. Steele is a featured speaker for club management and golf associations across the country and his perspectives have been sought out by leading industry periodicals as well as the national media.

  • Wellness Services & Fitness Programs in the Modern Private Club

    Recorded On: 02/28/2013

    Answer your questions regarding best practices for club fitness and wellness programs, including membership buy-in, cutting edge facilities, staffing and new programs.

    This presentation is for clubs that are contemplating the addition of wellness services & programs (fitness, group exercise, spa services and health education) or already have them and wish to learn the industry's “best practices.” There are important lessons to be garnered from the experience of the many clubs who have already traveled this path. For existing facilities and programs of this type, there is now a firm body of “best practices” in creating and maintaining a vibrant and cost-effective program that positions the club optimally to compete and to prosper as it seeks to tap into new membership demographics with cutting edge facilities and programs not formerly sought by private club members.

    The presentation will describe how to:

    • Successfully secure member support for the addition of fitness, wellness and spa services and facilities that can revitalize membership recruitment and member retention
    • Create a vision for new physical activity, education and spa service programs that are much more than a duplication of services presently available in the commercial marketplace
    • Foster interdepartmental cooperation and collaboration between the fitness/wellness/spa services staff and existing departments and traditional club programs and services so as to exponentially increase impact and member participation to new “highs”
    • Attract and retain a professional fitness/wellness/spa services staff who are creative, career-oriented and committed to playing an active role in the enhancement of the overall club membership experience
    • Identify and reach out to new customer groups who are seeking new “non-traditional” programs & services

    Chris White

    Senior Vice President, WTS International

    Chris White represents WTS International in all matters related to spa, health club and leisure facility planning and design consulting. He works closely with developers, architects, engineers, general contractors and project management teams to develop planning parameters and to determine the most appropriate size and design features for spas, fitness centers and residential clubhouse facilities. He has assisted architectural and interior design firms throughout the world in the development of viable space programs with a focus in such areas as access and egress, locker room design, spa and fitness equipment recommendations, audiovisual and computer systems, lighting, cabinetry and millwork, flooring, finishes and sound attenuation issues. 

    White has served the spa and fitness industry since 1978 in a wide variety of capacities including promotion, program development and management. He has been a guest speaker on the subject of spa and fitness center design and operations at a number of regional, national and international conferences including I.H.R.S.A., Hotel Developers Conference, the Club Managers’ Association of America, International Council on Active Aging Conference and the Hospitality Design Conference. He has authored articles on spa design development and operations for such publications as Boardroom, Athletic Business and Club & Resort Management magazines among numerous others.