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  • Tactics for Building Better Member Engagement

    Recorded On: 11/14/2014

    Discover how to transform your club's newsletter into the number one tool for member engagement.

    Are your club members reading your e-communications? Don't get deleted. This webinar will cover proven methods for transforming your newsletter into the #1 tool for member engagement.

    Maria Stavropoulos Ready

    Vice President of Client Services, VCT

    Maria Ready has a 12-year track record in strategic communications planning, interactive publishing and client services. With a focus on helping clubs elevate member engagement with personalized communications, services and benefits, Ready has helped hundreds of clubs deepen their member relationships and deliver ongoing value for members—at every touch point.

  • Manage WITH Metrics, Not TO Metrics

    Recorded On: 10/09/2014

    Find out how to focus on the key drivers of your club's financial performance.

    Club financial statements often contain voluminous amounts of information that can bury the readers in detailed data. Frequently this leads to “paralysis by analysis,” or worse, can cause management and boards to waste time focusing on historical data that does not explain how the operation fundamentally performed or how it can be changed.

    This presentation will discuss how to focus on the key drivers of your club's financial performance. It will discuss the linkages that you must have between your financial budget and your strategic operating plan and will review a selection of the key data points that clubs must capture, report and explain if they are to succeed and deliver on their mission and vision statements.

    Participants will also receive a copy of McGladrey's recently released 2014/15 Trends In Private Clubs.

    Philip G. Newman

    Partner, Private Club Services, McGladrey LLP

    Philip G. Newman, CPA, CIA has 20 years experience in public accounting, predominantly serving the private club industry. In his role as National Director of Club Consulting with McGladrey LLP, Newman is responsible for projects throughout the United States, including internal control and governance reviews, operational consulting, benchmarking studies, strategic planning and the development and delivery of education products and tools for Club Boards, CEOs and CFOs. He has served on the Global Board of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) and is a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences for HFTP, the Club Manager's Association of America (CMAA) and the National Club Association (NCA).

  • 7 Secrets to Lowering Costs and Improving Profitability

    Recorded On: 09/11/2014

    Gain tips from procurement experts to help club owners and operators reduce costs while enhancing the guest or member experience.

    Learn effective tips from procurement experts that help club owners and operators reduce costs while enhancing the guest or member experience. You will hear best practices and key concepts that you can use right away to help streamline operations, avoid price increases, take advantage of discounts and improve efficiency at your club.

    Bob Snoddy

    Field Support and Customer Relations Manager, Avendra

    Bob Snoddy is a purchasing professional with more than 25 years in the hospitality business. At Avendra his role is to help reduce costs and enhance supplier performance so that hospitality professionals can improve profitability and guest experience. Prior to joining Avendra, Snoddy worked at the University Club at Michigan State University and was the Director of Purchasing at the Ocean Reef Club for 10 years

    Chip McIntyre

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, Avendra

    Chip McIntyre oversees Avendra’s Strategic Contracting and Supplier Development teams, which are responsible for negotiating and maintaining more than 800 supplier contracts. Previously, McIntyre spent seven years consulting on procurement and supply chain topics with A.T. Kearney and the Boston Consulting Group. McIntyre also spent several years with Cadbury, plc., where he led procurement in North and South America. McIntyre has a B.S. from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Introduction to Social Media for Private Clubs

    Explore which social media sites make the most sense for private clubs and the 10 critical steps your team needs to follow to be successful on them.

    Learn which social media sites make the most sense for private clubs and the 10 critical steps your team needs to follow to be successful on them.

    James Cobalt

    Marketing Manager, MembersFirst

    James Cobalt is the Marketing Manager for MembersFirst, Inc., an award winning digital agency and software provider for member-based organizations. In addition to corporate communication, Cobalt uses his decade of experience in online community engagement to help clients develop, test, and optimize their member marketing strategies.

  • Classifying Independent Contractors

    Recorded On: 07/17/2014

    Review best practices for classifying independent contractors at clubs, learn from the tests used by courts and agencies, the attacks upon alleged misclassification and ‘wage theft,’ as well as steps management can take to limit potential exposure.

    This webinar will cover an area of growing concern for clubs, and other employers, across the country. Do you consider your caddies to be independent contractors? Your club's pro? Other service providers?

    Employment lawyers, public agencies, taxing authorities and the courts have taken an aggressive view that individuals classified as independent contractors are, instead, employees. As many employers have discovered, the rule of law may run contrary to what is agreed to, and memorialized, in written agreements. The issue affects wage and hour, individual employment rights, worker's compensation proceedings, union organizing, and compliance with tax laws. We will discuss the tests used by courts and agencies, the attacks upon alleged misclassification and 'wage theft,' as well as steps management can take to limit potential exposure.

    Thomas Lenz

    Partner, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

    Thomas A. Lenz is a partner at Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, in the firm’s labor and employment law department handling all aspects of labor and employment law issues from the firm’s Cerritos and Pasadena offices. He serves on NCA’s board and ClubPAC Committee and chairs the Government Relations Committee. Lenz also is chair of the Labor and Employment Law Section for the State Bar of California. He can be reached at tlenz@aalrr.comor 562-653-3200.

    Cindy Strom Arellano

    Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

    Cindy S. Arellano is a partner at Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo in the firm’s Business & Tax Practice Group in Cerritos, Calif., focusing on employee benefits and executive compensation, tax audits, ERISA, nonprofit organizations, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate transactional matters. She has written for NCA publications and spoken in NCA programs. She can be reached at or 562-653-3200.

  • Strategic Board Development

    Recorded On: 06/19/2014

    Determine how the general manager can influence results by using nominating best practices and by recognizing key characteristics of high performance boards.

    While the general manager rarely plays an active role in the nomination of board members, he/she can have significant influence on who ultimately matriculates into a board member. This session will outline how the general manager can influence results by using nominating best practices and by recognizing key characteristics of high performance boards. This session will also provide perspective on how to effectively structure the board and shape results in the boardroom.

    Dan Denehy

    President, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

    Daniel M. Denehy, CCM, CHA, is the founder and president of Club Thinking Partners, a full service executive search and management consulting firm serving the private club and boutique resort industries. His background includes senior management roles with Walt Disney Company, Boca Raton Resort and Club, Jupiter Island Club and 12 years as the COO of The Greenwich Country Club in Greenwich, Conn. Denehy began his consulting career in 2001 with John Sibbald Associates, creator of Platinum Clubs of America, the highly respected program that recognizes excellence in the club industry. Club Thinking Partners has conducted more than 700 search and consulting projects for more than 300 private clubs and resort properties worldwide. He is a board director of the National Club Association Foundation.

    Chris Coulter

    Executive Vice President, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

    Chris Coulter is the Executive Vice President of DENEHY Club Thinking Partners. Coulter brings more than 30 years of hospitality and club management experience to the firm.  Prior to joining the Firm, Coulter served for 19 years as the General Manager of Bald Peak Colony Club – an exclusive private club in the lake region of New Hampshire. 

    Prior to that, he held senior management positions with St. Francis yacht Club in San Francisco – the largest yacht club in the world; Boodles of London, one of the oldest and most established city clubs; and the Harvard Club of Boston, a Platinum Club.

    Coulter is an active contributor and prominent leader in the industry having served on the CMAA New England Chapter Board and multiple National Committees and has been a perennial member of an elite group of private club managers to oversee staff training and hospitality operations at the Masters Golf Tournament.     

    He is a graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration.

    As executive vice president of DENEHY Club Thinking Partners, Chris is responsible for business development, executive search and management consulting for the Firm.

  • Member-First Marketing to Increase Member-Hosted Private Events and Member Attendance at Member Events

    Recorded On: 05/22/2014

    Gain insight into how a club can position its catering department as a member benefit and increase member-hosted events.

    This webinar will discuss:

    • How your "Member First" attitude in catering will build repeat and loyal member business
    • Targeting your membership to increase member-hosted events
    • Positioning the catering department as a member benefit to impact member retention
    • Providing opportunities for members to shine as event hosts
    • Increasing value, fun and “wow” moments by creating customized and engaging member events

    Thank You to Our Sponsor


    Lynne LaFond DeLuca

    Executive Director, Association of Club Catering Professionals

    Lynne LaFond DeLuca earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Cal State University Long Beach and began her hospitality career in the hotel industry and became the youngest general manager of a hotel at the time in Beverly Hills, California. DeLuca then moved into the private club industry and spent 15 years with ClubCorp, Inc., in the positions of vice president, private events and vice president, membership and sales. She has 26 years of private club experience. In 2011, Lynne founded and is the executive director of the Association of Club Catering Professionals. It is the first association dedicated to education for catering professionals in the private club industry. Her newsletter is read by 9,000 private clubs each month.
    DeLuca has written for industry publications including NCA CONNECT, CMAA's Back of the House, Boardroom Magazine, Catering Magazine and Private Club Advisor. She is a nationally recognized speaker and has trained people around the world in the art of events, catering and golf tournament sales. DeLuca has an absolute passion for what she does and for helping the people that she works with to perform at their maximum level. In 2014, Boardroom Magazine named DeLuca “One of the Most Influential Women in the Private Club Industry” and in 2016 she was honored with the “Gary Player Educator of the Year” award.

  • How to Create a Zero Food Waste Program at Your Club

    Recorded On: 03/20/2014

    Review a case study of a zero food waste program that diverts food waste to on-site gardens as fertilizer using a technique that is safe, easily implemented and inexpensive.

    This session will look at a case study of a zero food waste program presented by Affinity Management. The program, based on a Japanese method of composting, enables a club to divert food waste from landfills to on-site gardens as fertilizer using a technique that is safe, easily implemented and inexpensive. Learn how this technique can save your club money and enable you to become more environmentally responsible.

    Damon DeVito

    Managing Director, Affinity Management

    Damon DeVito is is Managing Director of Charlottesville, Va. based Affinity Management and a board member of the National Golf Course Owners Association – Virginia. Affinity is a leading professional management and advisory firm specializing in private clubs and golf courses. Founded in 1997, Affinity has advised golf courses in 26 states. Affinity won the NGCOA’s Idea of the Year Award in 2012 for their leadership in zero food waste programs. DeVito holds an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School where he was awarded the Samuel Forrest Hyde Fellowship. He also holds a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Finance from the Wharton School. DeVito  authors a free newsletter for the industry called Memberandum that is available at

  • Demystifying Club Governance

    Recorded On: 02/20/2014

    Gain a framework for understanding governance as a process.

    This session will provide participants with a framework for understanding governance as a process, and what separates great governance from poor governance. Using this framework, the goal is to establish a collective set of governing values that can withstand the constant transition of board members.

    Ray P. Cronin

    CEO & Co-Founder of Club Benchmarking

    Ray Cronin is CEO of Club Benchmarking, the club industry’s only centralized data-sharing platform. Cronin has been leading high technology companies for more than 30 years and he specializes in building teams and navigating early startup phases. He's known in the club industry for his high-energy presentations and he has gained a reputation among club managers and controllers for being a top-rated speaker on board education. Cronin is vice president of Thorny Lea Golf Club in Brockton, Mass., and a member of the board of "So Can You," a nonprofit aimed at helping high school students achieve. He holds a BSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • Maximizing Membership Retention and Recruitment through the Role of the Membership Director

    Recorded On: 11/21/2013

    Examine the role of the membership director.

    It seems as though everyone agrees that membership retention and membership recruitment have become critically important issues for private clubs today. However, there is not a great deal of agreement with regard to “whose job is it” when it comes to the complex task of membership retention and membership recruitment at a successful private club. Certainly, the membership director plays a vital role in that important task. But, exactly, what role?

    If you desire to better understand the complex and critically important role of the membership director of a private club you won't want to miss this webinar. This informative session will provide you with the knowledge to maximize membership retention/recruitment through the role of the membership director.

    Steve Graves

    President, Creative Golf Marketing

    Steve Graves is president and founder of Creative Golf Marketing. Creative Golf Marketing has been named "Membership Marketing Firm of the Year" for thirteen consecutive years (2000-2012) by The BoardRoom Magazine. As the president of Creative Golf Marketing, Graves has provided more than 900 consultations and membership marketing initiatives for private club facilities. These consultations and initiatives focused primarily on increasing the clubs' revenues, marketability, efficiency and long-term financial stability.