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  • Preventing Payment Fraud

    Discover steps to make smarter, safer payments to your vendors to save time and modernize your Accounts Payable.

    Payment fraud is a significant, real threat to every business. Learn the various ways that fraud easily can enter your system and consider ways to prevent fraud. This webinar will cover steps to make smarter, safer payments to your vendors to save time and modernize your Accounts Payable.

    Mary Beth Fisher

    National Sales Executive, ‎CSI globalVCard

    Mary Beth Fisher has over 25 years of professional experience connecting businesses with innovative payment solutions. Her expertise spans multiple industries, including hospitality and nonprofits, along with a proven ability to transform Accounts Payable processing with simple alternatives that eliminate fraud, save time and increase revenues. 

  • Modern Membership Strategies

    Take a close look at marketing and communications strategies for driving new membership to your club, with a key focus on attracting younger members, especially the millennial generation.

    This session will cover marketing and communications strategies for driving new membership to your club. A key focus will be on attracting younger members, especially the millennial generation, without alienating your existing membership. In as little as 10 short years, the difference between shutting your doors and having an active membership will depend on your ability to connect with this generation and attract them to your club. You’ll learn their driving motivations and discover best practices for effectively communicating with them.

    Gabe Aluisy

    Founder, The Private Club Agency

    Gabriel Aluisy is the founder of The Private Club Agency, a Tampa, Fla., based design, marketing and consulting firm focused on membership marketing and retention strategy at private clubs. He is the author of The Definitive Guide to Membership Marketing and the bestselling book Moving Targets: Creating Engaging Brands in an On-Demand World. Each week, Aluisy hosts the Private Club Radio Show, the industry’s first and only podcast dedicated to private club education.

    Aluisy has been featured in Entrepreneur®, NBC, iHeart Radio and many other leading publications. His keynotes have included the Professional Club Marketing Association’s National Conference, The Florida Club Summit, the Asia Pacific Golf Summit as well as many regional events. He is a graduate of American University’s School of Communication.

  • Workplace Law in the New Administration: A Big Win for Private Clubs

    Review areas of potential change in the labor and employment law rules affecting clubs.

    This webinar focuses on areas of potential change in the labor and employment law rules affecting clubs. Under the Obama administration, government agencies such as the National Labor Relations Board and the U.S. Department of Labor aggressively expanded their authority and the rights of employees while limiting the rights of employers to manage. In the Trump administration, many controversial rules on important day-to-day issues may be expected to change. Discussion will include the rights of clubs to use arbitration agreements, to have binding workplace policies, to manage employee insubordination and criticism, whether to designate someone an independent contractor rather than an employee, and the rules applicable to union organizing at clubs.

    Thomas Lenz

    Partner, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

    Thomas A. Lenz is a partner at Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, in the firm’s labor and employment law department handling all aspects of labor and employment law issues from the firm’s Cerritos and Pasadena offices. He serves on NCA’s board and ClubPAC Committee and chairs the Government Relations Committee. Lenz also is chair of the Labor and Employment Law Section for the State Bar of California. He can be reached at tlenz@aalrr.comor 562-653-3200.

  • OSHA Recordkeeping Concerns

    Learn from club safety consultant Alan Achatz about how your club can ensure compliance with OSHA recordkeeping requirements through this in-depth webinar.

    Did you know:

    • A new law (effective 7/1/17) requires businesses with more than 250 employees to submit OSHA 300A logs electronically to OSHA?
    • If OSHA visits your club—their first request may be for copies of your OSHA 300 and 300A logs for the past five years?
    • If OSHA requests these logs, you only have four hours to produce them?
    • If your club’s 300A log has not been posted on all the various employee bulletin boards since February 1, 2017, it is recommended you post the 300A before removing it on April 30, 2017?

    Learn from club safety consultant Alan Achatz about how your club can ensure compliance with OSHA recordkeeping requirements by participating in this in-depth webinar. This session will help you better understand common areas of OSHA recordkeeping confusion, including:

    • Requirements for your OSHA 300 and 300A logs.
    • Ensuring the correct person signed the logs.
    • Ensuring posted information is correct.
    • The difference between OSHA Recordables and first aid.

    Alan E. Achatz

    Alan E. Achatz is a former club manager who operates Club Safety Solutions, a business assisting clubs and other operations with health and safety issues. Achatz, an OSHA general industry outreach trainer, provides education sessions for managers, executive staff and all line employees and conducts simulated OSHA site tours to identify regulatory shortcomings and provide compliance assistance.

    Achatz has written more than 100 articles for various trade publications including Club Director, Club Management, Private Club Advisor and BoardRoom.

  • Promoting Teamwork with Your Department Heads to Increase Prospecting Opportunities and Member Value

    Recorded On: 02/23/2017

    This session addresses ways to use the knowledge, skills and teamwork of your fellow club department heads to increase leads, services, event success, membership and revenues.

    This session will address:

    • More effectively work individually with department heads and as a team within your club to increase member experience.
    • Implement best practices to achieve more efficient and productive team meetings (no more time-wasters!).
    • "Partner" your talents, products and services in order to create experiences and unique offerings.
    • Use the knowledge, skills and teamwork of your fellow club department heads to increase leads, services, event success, membership and revenues.

    Lynne LaFond DeLuca

    Executive Director, Association of Club Catering Professionals

    Lynne LaFond DeLuca earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Cal State University Long Beach and began her hospitality career in the hotel industry and became the youngest general manager of a hotel at the time in Beverly Hills, California. DeLuca then moved into the private club industry and spent 15 years with ClubCorp, Inc., in the positions of vice president, private events and vice president, membership and sales. She has 26 years of private club experience. In 2011, Lynne founded and is the executive director of the Association of Club Catering Professionals. It is the first association dedicated to education for catering professionals in the private club industry. Her newsletter is read by 9,000 private clubs each month.
    DeLuca has written for industry publications including NCA CONNECT, CMAA's Back of the House, Boardroom Magazine, Catering Magazine and Private Club Advisor. She is a nationally recognized speaker and has trained people around the world in the art of events, catering and golf tournament sales. DeLuca has an absolute passion for what she does and for helping the people that she works with to perform at their maximum level. In 2014, Boardroom Magazine named DeLuca “One of the Most Influential Women in the Private Club Industry” and in 2016 she was honored with the “Gary Player Educator of the Year” award.

  • The Top 10 Mistakes that Clubs Make

    Recorded On: 01/12/2017

    Review common mistakes clubs make in their pursuit for perfect, and learn remedies for how clubs can avoid these mistakes in the future.

    Clubs strive to be the best they can in providing the highest quality of services to their members. In this pursuit of perfection, club leadership is generally interested in what other well-run clubs do. In certain cases, it may be just as instructive to know and understand what mistakes other clubs have made. Some mistakes were not originally perceived as such, but following economic downturn may now be viewed less favorably. This session will review these mistakes and suggest remedies to avoid them in the future.

    Daniel T. Condon

    CPA, Partner, Condon O’Meara McGinty & Donnelly LLP

    Daniel T. Condon is a founding partner of Condon O'Meara McGinty & Donnelly LLP. He has practiced in the area of private clubs for more than 30 years.

    James J Hankowski

    CPA, Partner, Condon O’Meara McGinty & Donnelly LLP

    James J. Hankowski has more than 25 years of experience in servicing clubs and currently serves on the subcommittee for the revision of the Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Clubs.

  • Real Estate Tax Assessments for Clubs (2016)

    Gain an introduction to the elements of real estate tax assessments.

    This program will introduce club leaders and managers to the elements of real estate tax assessments. It will include discussion of the following topics:

    • Definition of value
    • Approaches to value
    • Approaches to contesting your assessment
    • Jurisdictional differences
    • The process
    • Highest and best use and its impact on club assessments
    • Cost vs. value
    • Valuation methodology for clubs
    • The impact of memberships and personal property
    • Discussion of case law examples

    Club leaders and managers should take away from this program an understanding of the elements and procedures involved in managing their real estate assessments to a level where they can advise their clubs to make sound decisions on pursuing real estate tax assessment appeals.

    Larry Hirsh

    President, Golf Property Analysts

    Laurence A. Hirsh, CRE, MAI, SGA, FRICS, president of Golf Property Analysts, has performed 2,500+ assignments in 45 U.S. states. He has authored many industry-related articles and manuscripts and is a frequent lecturer at seminars and conferences. Hirsh has developed a golf course and brokered more than $100 million in golf and club properties.

  • Modern Club Marketing: Millennials & Beyond

    Recorded On: 11/10/2016

    Better understand the coming demographic change clubs are going to face, and examine the tools clubs are implementing to better understand and serve potentially younger memberships.

    A change is coming, and it's bright eyed and full of ambition. Millennials may be responsible for one of the largest changes the club industry and its culture will ever see, but are clubs today taking the right steps to ensure they understand and appeal to this new generation of club members?

    This program will highlight the coming demographic change clubs are going to face, and will examine the tools, technology, communication, and programming clubs are implementing to better understand and serve potentially younger memberships.

    Trevor Coughlan

    Director of Marketing at Jonas Club Software

    Trevor Coughlan, Director of Marketing at MembersFirst & Jonas Club Software, has worked extensively within the technology industry developing, managing and executing multi-strategy marketing campaigns. During his 10+ years specializing in Club Industry Marketing and Technology, Coughlan has spoken extensively to club industry professionals about the benefits of a strong marketing platform. Coughlan delivers a fresh perspective with his presentations, and has a natural ability to convey marketing principles and practices to audiences of all types.

  • Effective Techniques to Manage Up

    Recorded On: 11/03/2016

    Find out strategies and tactics for General Managers to best align their relationships with their boards.

    The secret sauce of excellent nonprofit leadership is the ability to manage up. This webinar will touch on strategy and tactics for general managers to determine:

    • What is above and below the line
    • What is critical for your president to know
    • How to course correct when relationships are out of alignment

    Dan Denehy

    President, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

    Daniel M. Denehy, CCM, CHA, is the founder and president of Club Thinking Partners, a full service executive search and management consulting firm serving the private club and boutique resort industries. His background includes senior management roles with Walt Disney Company, Boca Raton Resort and Club, Jupiter Island Club and 12 years as the COO of The Greenwich Country Club in Greenwich, Conn. Denehy began his consulting career in 2001 with John Sibbald Associates, creator of Platinum Clubs of America, the highly respected program that recognizes excellence in the club industry. Club Thinking Partners has conducted more than 700 search and consulting projects for more than 300 private clubs and resort properties worldwide. He is a board director of the National Club Association Foundation.

    Kirk Reese

    Executive Vice President, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

    Kirk O. Reese, CCM has a 27 year professional relationship with private clubs and their management and governance, managing at three of the nation’s top year historic clubs – The Country Club, Chevy Chase Club and The Los Angeles Country Club. Reese is a former member of the National Club Association's Board of Directors and a past NCA Chairman. Reese has also served the Club Managers Association of America (“CMAA”) in a number of capacities including serving on the Board of directors of the National Capital, Southern California and New England chapters.  He also has served on a number of CMAA national committees, including most recently the Long Range Planning Committee and served as Host of the International Wine Society. Reese graduated cum laude from the University of Houston's Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management. He earned his certified club manager (CCM) designation in 1993.


  • How a Club's Mobile App Can Drive Revenue and Retention and Streamline Operations

    Recorded On: 10/13/2016

    Explore how clubs are implementing mobile platforms to engage and communicate with members.

    With mobile use growing 58 percent year over year and 90 percent of that mobile time being spent in apps, it's time for the club industry to take a serious look at how it's implementing mobile platforms to engage and communicate with its members.

    This presentation will explore:

    • The difference between an app and a mobile site
    • Beacon apps and how real-time location and usage intel helps your staff improve the in-person member experience
    • Ways to streamline operations and capture previously missed revenue
    • Core features that all apps need to be viable in the private club market
    • And much more

    Kristen Wenrick

    Account Manager, Clubessential

    Kristen Wenrick has been with Clubessential for 2 1/2 years, as an Account Manager. Her primary focus is to educate clients on products, and to consult with them on how to maximize tools to accomplish their marketing and communication goals. 

    Wenrick is also a Captain, Logistics Readiness Officer in the Air National Guard.