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  • Effective Techniques to Manage Up

    Recorded On: 11/03/2016

    Find out strategies and tactics for General Managers to best align their relationships with their boards.

    The secret sauce of excellent nonprofit leadership is the ability to manage up. This webinar will touch on strategy and tactics for general managers to determine:

    • What is above and below the line
    • What is critical for your president to know
    • How to course correct when relationships are out of alignment

    Dan Denehy

    President, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

    Daniel M. Denehy, CCM, CHA, is the founder and president of Club Thinking Partners, a full service executive search and management consulting firm serving the private club and boutique resort industries. His background includes senior management roles with Walt Disney Company, Boca Raton Resort and Club, Jupiter Island Club and 12 years as the COO of The Greenwich Country Club in Greenwich, Conn. Denehy began his consulting career in 2001 with John Sibbald Associates, creator of Platinum Clubs of America, the highly respected program that recognizes excellence in the club industry. Club Thinking Partners has conducted more than 700 search and consulting projects for more than 300 private clubs and resort properties worldwide. He is a board director of the National Club Association Foundation.

    Kirk Reese

    Executive Vice President, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners

    Kirk O. Reese, CCM has a 27 year professional relationship with private clubs and their management and governance, managing at three of the nation’s top year historic clubs – The Country Club, Chevy Chase Club and The Los Angeles Country Club. Reese is a former member of the National Club Association's Board of Directors and a past NCA Chairman. Reese has also served the Club Managers Association of America (“CMAA”) in a number of capacities including serving on the Board of directors of the National Capital, Southern California and New England chapters.  He also has served on a number of CMAA national committees, including most recently the Long Range Planning Committee and served as Host of the International Wine Society. Reese graduated cum laude from the University of Houston's Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management. He earned his certified club manager (CCM) designation in 1993.


  • How a Club's Mobile App Can Drive Revenue and Retention and Streamline Operations

    Recorded On: 10/13/2016

    Explore how clubs are implementing mobile platforms to engage and communicate with members.

    With mobile use growing 58 percent year over year and 90 percent of that mobile time being spent in apps, it's time for the club industry to take a serious look at how it's implementing mobile platforms to engage and communicate with its members.

    This presentation will explore:

    • The difference between an app and a mobile site
    • Beacon apps and how real-time location and usage intel helps your staff improve the in-person member experience
    • Ways to streamline operations and capture previously missed revenue
    • Core features that all apps need to be viable in the private club market
    • And much more

    Kristen Wenrick

    Account Manager, Clubessential

    Kristen Wenrick has been with Clubessential for 2 1/2 years, as an Account Manager. Her primary focus is to educate clients on products, and to consult with them on how to maximize tools to accomplish their marketing and communication goals. 

    Wenrick is also a Captain, Logistics Readiness Officer in the Air National Guard.

  • Capital Investment in Private Clubs: An In-Depth Review

    Recorded On: 09/22/2016

    Take a deep dive into capital investment in the private club industry.

    One of the most studied financial topics in the business world relates to the measures and processes used to manage capital investments. Return on Investment (ROI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Payback are a few examples of how businesses measure the productivity of capital invested. This webinar will be a deep dive into capital investment in the private club industry.

    The following topics will be covered:

    • Determining how much capital should be invested
    • Addressing how the productivity of investments might be measured
    • Methods that can be used to determine which projects are likely to be productive, which are unlikely to be productive and which projects are necessary but may not provide a financial return
    • Examining the sources of capital funds, including an examination of debt as a source of funding

    Capital investment is a critical issue that should be a key area of focus for club boards and managers. Analysis of industry data shows those clubs able to consistently invest reap the rewards of higher member counts, higher initiation fees and lower churn while those unable to or choosing not to invest see the pain of capital starvation. Attendees participating in this webinar will leave with a solid overview of the study of capital investing in clubs.

    Ray P. Cronin

    CEO & Co-Founder of Club Benchmarking

    Ray Cronin is CEO of Club Benchmarking, the club industry’s only centralized data-sharing platform. Cronin has been leading high technology companies for more than 30 years and he specializes in building teams and navigating early startup phases. He's known in the club industry for his high-energy presentations and he has gained a reputation among club managers and controllers for being a top-rated speaker on board education. Cronin is vice president of Thorny Lea Golf Club in Brockton, Mass., and a member of the board of "So Can You," a nonprofit aimed at helping high school students achieve. He holds a BSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • IRS ACA Enforcement is Looming: What Clubs Need to Know About the ACA Employer Mandate

    Recorded On: 09/08/2016

    Gain an update on how clubs should be preparing for the IRS' ACA enforcement.

    As the first year of the Affordable Care Act's (ACA's) Employer Mandate comes to a close for all clubs, learn how to prepare for the impending IRS enforcement with expert insight into:

    • Tax provisions of the ACA
    • The Employer Mandate
    • Penalties for employers that do not follow the law's requirements
    • Understanding the law's complexities to avoid unplanned fees and penalties

    Joseph Grossman

    Sr. Business Development Manager, Cimplx ACA

    Joseph Grossman is the senior business development manager at ACA Compliance Services, in Rock Hill, S.C.  He was an attorney for 30 years in Philadelphia before retiring and relocating to North Carolina. He was a member of the Pennsylvania and District of Columbia Bars. For the next nine years he was an insurance agent and broker, licensed with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina, Aflac, Humana, Allstate and Aetna, among other carriers. During his time as an attorney he also acted as a Federal Mediator, Federal Arbitrator and Judge Pro Tempore for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. He and his wife currently reside in Charlotte.

  • How to Keep Your Club Cyber-Safe

    Learn from challenges private clubs are facing in keeping their members’ information secure, and approaches for minimizing vulnerabilities.

    As your club moves toward a more digital way of business, it becomes your responsibility to keep your club secure. This session will discuss the challenges private clubs are facing in keeping their members' information secure, and approaches for minimizing vulnerabilities, including:

    • The current cyber security threat landscape
    • Case studies of businesses who have been targeted
    • What it means for your club
    • How to better protect your club and member information

    Trevor Brosnan

    Head of Technology/CTO, Plastiq

    Trevor Brosnan is the head of technology at Plastiq. He originally hails from Ireland and currently lives in the Bay Area city of Dublin. When he's not busy tending to the inner workings of Plastiq, he can be found running.

  • Overtime Rule Update - July 2016

    Recorded On: 07/21/2016

    Learn how your club can prepare for serious challenges the new DOL rule presents.

    The Department of Labor's "Overtime Exemption Rule" goes into effect on December 1, 2016. Learn how your club can prepare for serious challenges the rule presents, including:

    • Higher labor costs
    • Need for major staffing changes
    • Potential impaired service for members
    • Need for employee pay/benefits/schedule changes
    • More administrative burdens
    • Lower employee morale
    • Possible increase in liability

    Brad Steele

    Vice President of Government Relations & General Counsel, NCA

    Brad Steele has served as the voice of the private club industry on Capitol Hill for more than a decade. In that time, he has worked to stop harmful legislation, roll back damaging regulations and include club concerns in litigation filed across the country. Steele began his time in government by working for the Vice President of the United States, for a member of Congress and then as a senior staffer with a national political committee. After many years in politics, Steele left D.C. to become an attorney. He studied law in England at Oxford University and he earned his degree from the University of Oklahoma.

    Upon graduation, Steele opened his own law firm in Indiana. In addition to his private practice, Brad also served as a county and city attorney and as a judge of an Indiana court. While in Indiana, Steele returned to politics as a candidate for the U.S. Congress and the Indiana State House of Representatives. His Congressional race pitted him against Mike Pence in the primary where they became friends. Steele is a featured speaker for club management and golf associations across the country and his perspectives have been sought out by leading industry periodicals as well as the national media.

  • Strategic Planning Webinar Series: Part 6: Keeping Strategy Current and On-Track

    Recorded On: 06/30/2016

    Learn how to develop a strategic culture in your club with tools to keep boards and managers focused on strategic objectives, with this final session in GGA's six-part webinar series on strategic planning.

    Part 6 of GGA's Strategic Planning series: Developing a strategic culture in your club with tools to keep boards and managers focused on strategic objectives.

    Henry DeLozier

    Partner, Global Golf Advisors

    Henry DeLozier is a principal at Global Golf Advisors (GGA), a Legacy Alliance Partner of the National Club Association. GGA serves club management professionals from offices in Toronto, Phoenix and Dublin (IR). He can be reached at or by visiting

  • Tapping in to the Latest in Food & Beverage Trends to Create a Dynamic Event and Catering Program

    Recorded On: 06/23/2016

    Learn about F&B trends and results from the first-ever comprehensive benchmarking study focusing on the catering and events departments.

    In 2015, the very first comprehensive benchmarking study focusing on the catering and events departments was conducted by the Association of Club Catering Professionals. Throughout the course of this presentation, Lynne LaFond DeLuca will reveal these results and how we can learn from each other in our industry to propel our club's food & beverage departments forward. She will also discuss the exciting and ever-changing trends in food and beverage offerings that create the “wow” for member events and catering.

    Lynne LaFond DeLuca

    Executive Director, Association of Club Catering Professionals

    Lynne LaFond DeLuca earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Cal State University Long Beach and began her hospitality career in the hotel industry and became the youngest general manager of a hotel at the time in Beverly Hills, California. DeLuca then moved into the private club industry and spent 15 years with ClubCorp, Inc., in the positions of vice president, private events and vice president, membership and sales. She has 26 years of private club experience. In 2011, Lynne founded and is the executive director of the Association of Club Catering Professionals. It is the first association dedicated to education for catering professionals in the private club industry. Her newsletter is read by 9,000 private clubs each month.
    DeLuca has written for industry publications including NCA CONNECT, CMAA's Back of the House, Boardroom Magazine, Catering Magazine and Private Club Advisor. She is a nationally recognized speaker and has trained people around the world in the art of events, catering and golf tournament sales. DeLuca has an absolute passion for what she does and for helping the people that she works with to perform at their maximum level. In 2014, Boardroom Magazine named DeLuca “One of the Most Influential Women in the Private Club Industry” and in 2016 she was honored with the “Gary Player Educator of the Year” award.

  • Strategic Planning Webinar Series: Part 5: Action Plan...How to Put the Plan to Work

    Recorded On: 06/09/2016

    Learn how to convert strategic ideas into an action plan for measurable results, with this fifth session in GGA's six-part webinar series on strategic planning.

    Part 5 of GGA's Strategic Planning series: Putting strategy to work! How to convert strategic ideas into an action plan for measurable results.

    Henry DeLozier

    Partner, Global Golf Advisors

    Henry DeLozier is a principal at Global Golf Advisors (GGA), a Legacy Alliance Partner of the National Club Association. GGA serves club management professionals from offices in Toronto, Phoenix and Dublin (IR). He can be reached at or by visiting

  • The Power of Favorite Place Status

    Recorded On: 04/28/2016

    Gain a better grasp on what Favorite Place Status is, the strategic process to implementation, and the benefits your club will reap from achieving Favorite Place Status.

    Clubs today are under threat from demographics, regulation, economic uncertainty and competition from the public sector. The private club industry is compressing. In order to stay vibrant and relevant in today and tomorrow's market place clubs must maximize the experience level in all of their amenity areas. From McMahon Group's extensive membership survey research with over 1,200 private clubs, 90% of members and spouses repeatedly state they want their club to be one of their favorite places to dine. However, less than half of them say their club actually achieves this. It is an unnecessary missed opportunity. Your club has already made the capital investment in its dining programachieving Favorite Place Status is fulfilling the promise.

    This webinar will present and discuss the why now, what Favorite Place Status is, the strategic process to implementation, and the benefits your club will reap from achieving Favorite Place Status. This webinar is relevant and valuable for general managers, clubhouse managers, food & beverage directors, dining room managers and executive chefs. Ample time will be left for questions and answers.

    Bill McMahon Sr.

    Chairman, McMahon Group

    Bill McMahon, Sr., is an operational, financial and architectural planning consultant to clubs throughout North America. He established McMahon Group in 1983 as an affiliate of the family architectural firm his grandfather founded in 1906. Over the ensuing years, the firm has expanded its club consulting services beyond clubhouse improvement planning to a full range of services for all aspects of private club challenges. To date, the firm has assisted more than 1,800 private clubs across the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. McMahon Group provides a unique approach to developing club facility projects first establishing design and financial feasibility so membership approval is achieved. Thereafter final design and construction firms are selected to build the member approved project. 

    Frank Vain

    President, McMahon Group

    Frank J. Vain, President of McMahon Group, Inc., in St. Louis, provides consulting and planning services to private clubs throughout North America and Asia. Through use of specialized services including membership surveys, strategic planning, operational analysis and facility long-range planning, Vain assists clubs in developing individualized strategies for their unique situations.

    Vain joined McMahon Group, Inc., in 1988 and has more than 30 years of experience in the management and development of hospitality properties including private clubs, athletic clubs, resorts and restaurants. He is a former partner in Concord Sports Club and past president of The Country Club of St. Albans.

    Vain is a native of Philadelphia and a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa. He is a featured speaker at regional chapter meetings of club managers and at college hotel/restaurant management departments. He has written numerous articles that have been published in Club Director and Club Management magazines. Since its inception in 1991, Vain has researched and produced McMahon’s Club Trends®, now a joint project with NCA, and a recognized industry benchmark on the trends and issues affecting private clubs.

    Bill McMahon Jr.

    Vice President, McMahon Group

    Bill McMahon Jr. is a private club planner who has been working with McMahon Group since 1999. Bill is Co-Editor of the quarterly trends report, Club Trends, published with the National Club Association. He is also responsible for the Pulse Survey research McMahon conducts with private club executives. McMahon studied architecture at Arizona State University and graduated from Webster University in St. Louis with a degree in Media Communications. He is a member of Bellerive Country Club and sits on the Board of the Tennessee Society of St. Louis as the Secretary.

    McMahon also created and runs the Clubtopia® business directory for the club world located at

    Richard Lareau

    Director of Dining & Operations Enhancement, McMahon Group

    Richard Lareau has worked in the private club industry since 1992. His more than 24 years of experience in club management as a food and beverage specialist has enabled him to develop well-trained professional teams that deliver friendly service and consistently efficient, high-quality cuisine resulting in increased member participation, higher revenues and bottom-line contributions to the overhead of the club. He is a manager’s friend and assistant in delivering a club’s dining promise.

    Lareau is a Certified Club Manager (CCM) and Certified Chief Executive (CCE). He is winner of the 2009 Mel Rex Award from the Excellence in Club Management® Awards; and, was awarded Club Manager of the Year by the Texas Lone Star Chapter in 2013 for his achievements and contributions to the private club industry. Lareau is an active member of Les Amis des Escoffier, Chaine des Rotisserie and The International Wine Society.